Berry Street

Carer Stories 

The best for the future – Will’s story

Carer-Story-1---WillWill* has had many foster care placements and will never return to live with his family. Will had an uphill battle to normalise his behaviour following years of severe trauma and abuse.


Will didn’t attend school very much. He has grown up with no concept of boundaries and lived in constant survival mode.


While living with his most recent Foster Carers, Will attended school much more often and has had a complete turnaround to learning. He desperately wants to do well at school.  Last year he received awards for Science, Food Technology and P.E but he is struggling with English – particularly in spelling, reading and sentence structure. To help this, he needed specialist tutoring, however there was no financial support available. The request for help has fallen on deaf ears, which will only compound his hopes for the future.


All Will needs is a small amount of funds for tutoring to ensure his particular educational needs are met. His Foster Carers have purchased school uniforms, school books and paid the first instalment of school fees. They have said that they desperately want the best for him but without the extra financial support their hands are tied.



Making a world of difference - Sue, Jack, Phoebe and Alicia

Carer-Story-2---Sue-and-JackSue and Jack* have been foster carers for over ten years. During this time they have provided regular respite care to Phoebe* ever since she was two months old. She is now part of their family and sister to Sue’s grown up children.


Phoebe’s birth mother Alicia* is a young single mother who works full time and has  limited support. When times were tough, Phoebe’s foster care offered affection, security and protection.


As well as the extra love and attention Phoebe has received from Jack and Sue, they’ve given her many opportunities and experiences from holidays to participating in sports. Now in her teens, she’s thriving in her hobbies and with her family and friends.



The Complexity Of Caring - Pat’s story

Carer-Story-3---PatMany of the children Pat* cares for have a range of needs that include physical to emotional challenges. Key professional support from counsellors and psychologists are vital but the small funds allocated rarely meet the need. 


“It’s frustrating because it’s so financially draining. Many of the kids need extra assistance and counselling but we can’t always afford it.”


“Sometimes you just have to say no to things that you would like to provide to the children because you simply cannot afford them. “ On top of this are the high level of bureaucratic forms and hoops to jump through.


“You have to wait so long. You end up paying for it yourself and winding up out of pocket and it takes months to get your reimbursement.”




*All names and photos have been changed to protect our carers identities, and that of their children.